NBS Tech Group offers a range of services in addition to software solutions.  These options are designed for companies that may not have the need or desire to install and maintain software on their internal systems. In these situations, we offer the following services on a one-time or ongoing basis:

  • Capacity Planning – NBS can deliver a capacity plan for your company that will result in a report including system resource growth curves, system/application throughput and transaction definition.  This report will tell you how your applications are running on your existing hardware, identify potential bottlenecks between system components and project the impact of hardwarechanges.  Whether you need a capacity plan on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, NBS can deliver one without requiring dedicated internal resources.
  • Fixed Asset Audits – In a matter of days, NBS can generate a complete hardware, software and license inventory of your computer systems with our automated toolkit.  Inventory reports can include location, serial number, hardware specifications (including revision), license status and any other identifying characteristics required.  No longer do you need an army of people with clipboards spending weeks in a data center in order to accurately inventory your hardware and software assets.